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Kratom Kilo

$100.00 $65.00

Ingridients: 100% Mitragyna Speciosa

SKU: 750-1

1 kg of quality kratom


A Kilo of Kratom for only $70
( Original Price: $100 )

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Select a Strain or Blend

Blend: Banana Boat, Blend: Barracuda, Blend: Beach Ball, Blend: Blood Moon, Blend: Choco-Banana, Blend: Chocolate Hurricane, Blend: Coral Reef, Blend: Deep Blue Sea, Blend: Geo Day, Blend: Golden Lotus, Blend: Great White, Blend: Green Gator-Aid, Blend: Green Iguana, Blend: Green Mahi, Blend: Green Marlin, Blend: Green Parrot, Blend: High Tide, Blend: Key West, Blend: Mermaid, Blend: Mystic Cove, Blend: Orange Sunset, Blend: Pink Panther, Blend: Pink Seashell, Blend: Pink Typhoon, Blend: Pirate's Cove, Blend: Red Parrot, Blend: Red Snapper, Blend: Red Starfish, Blend: Red Sunset, Blend: Rose Gold, Blend: Royal Palm, Blend: Ruby Red Citrus, Blend: Sea Turtle, Blend: Silver Sands, Blend: South Beach, Blend: Tropical Thunder, Blend: Wind Surfer, Blend: Yellow Python, Strain: Green Bali, Strain: Green Hulu, Strain: Green Indo, Strain: Green Malay, Strain: Green MD, Strain: Red Bali, Strain: Red Bentuangie, Strain: Red Hulu, Strain: Red Indo, Strain: Red Malay, Strain: Red MD, Strain: White Horn, Strain: White Hulu, Strain: White Indo, Strain: White Malay, Strain: White MD, Strain: Yellow Horn, Strain: Yellow Hulu, Strain: Yellow Sundae


Four Ounce, Kilo, Ounce, Pound

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